SocialPilot Review- The Perfect Social Media Marketing Space for your Business

SocialPilot Review


SocialPilot is a SaaS-based product that allows you to promote and market your brand and business in the social media space. Engineered to aid and assist professionals, teams, and businesses and to help them build a transparent relation with social media. SocialPilot strives to be with the customer from the start point and promises to support them at every pitstop of their business marketing strategies on social media.

The six promising values used to build SocialPilot are Customer Driven, Transparent, Ownership, Passionate, Relentless and Simple.

Now that you have got a gist of what SocialPilot is all about, let us move further and get to know more about how this social marketing tool can be effectively used to upscale your business. And the best way to know all about this tool is to clearly understand the entire working of SocialPilot and what changes it bring to your business ventures

How does SocialPilot help your business?- Features & Steps

SocialPilot lets you automate your social media posts on multiple platforms from one single place. You can plan, schedule and publish your posts using the advanced features of SocialPilot. This way you can boost your brand image in an effortless manner.

The SocialPilot features mentioned below will give you a better understanding of how SocialPilot can help you upscale your business

Link your Social Media Accounts through SocialPilot

SocialPilot is all about connecting your social media accounts and managing your social media posts from one single point. So the first step is to link all your social media accounts to SocialPilot.

Click Accounts to connect to any of these social media profiles below.

Facebook: Page, Group
Twitter: Profile
LinkedIn: Profile, Page
Pinterest: Board
Instagram: Profile, Business (Professional)
Tumblr: Blog
VK: Profile, Community
Google My Business: Chain Locations
TikTok: Profile

Once that is done, navigate to your social media platform and authorize your account with SocialPilot. Further which you will have to accept all the permissions to proceed.

Schedule your posts on SocialPilot

Click Accounts–>Manage Accounts–>Select the Social Account that matches the time slot–> Define the time slot

Generate your First Post

You can use SocialPilot to schedule and publish posts to any number of social media accounts. Posts can be published to individual as well as to multiple accounts at one time.

Click on ‘Create Post’ to generate a new post

You can get a preview if you have added a link to your post. SocialPilot allows you to add image and video to your post. You can select the image or video from your Computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Apart from that, you also get a chance to add GIFs, or you can create a design from Canva and add it to your post to make it look more catchy and engaging.

Click on Add to Queue once your post is ready

If you are having second thoughts about your posting schedule you can follow the below options of SocialPilot.

Share Now– to post immediately to the selected social accounts
Share Next– to post after the first post in the queue for the selected account
Schedule Post– set a specific date and time for your posting schedule
Repeat Post– repeat the schedule and the post on the date and time specified by you.

Post Ideas with Fresh Content

The Curated Content tab presents you with content suggestions in case you are out of post ideas or in need of fresh and new content. You can use keywords, domain names, author names,c ompetitors and more to discover fresh information on the content you are searching for. For that

Click Content and Feed from the side panel and choose Curated Content

Use the Calendar option to view your Posting Queue

With the Calendar option of SocialPilot, you get the complete details of your posting scheduls in one quick glance. You can use the drag and drop option to reschedule the items on your calendar tab. For that you have to

Click Posts->Calendar to see your social media content calendar.

SocialPilot Analytics

Conduct an in depth research on your social media data with the SocialPilot Analytics. This part of SocialPilot not only helps you analyse your posts, but also the other posts connected to your social media accounts . Get access to your analytics report in just one-click. For this you have to:

Select analytics and choose the social platform you want to view the analytics for.

Invite and Involve Team Members

Connect and relate with your team through SocialPilot . Create suitable content for your selected social media accounts, while you take care of post approvals. For that you have to:

Click Team and Client—>Add Team Member—>Input your teammate’s name and email address—>choose the profiles you want to manage and give them a role such as Admin, Manager or Content Scheduler.

The Admin role takes care of all member’s access and activities.


Content Schedulers will schedule posts for selected social media accounts.


Managers can handle everything from scheduling, publishing and managing the selected social media accounts.

You can switch the role of your team members anytime by clicking on ‘Manage Members’ and select the edit icon beside the team members name.

Mobile Applications and Extensions

Connect with your audience and carry SocialPilot wherever you go with the SocialPilot mobile application. This helps you stay productive every minute and allows you to refresh your network with the social media accounts anytime. The SocialPilot mobile app functions just like the web version. You can download the mobile version from both iOS or the Android. The SocialPilot Browser Extension allows you to add posts to your queue without leaving the website/content

Once you download the extension, simply click on it to post your content. A popup that says ‘Create Post’ will appear on your current window. Once your post is created and queued , you can continue browsing without leaving your current page.

Additional Features of SocialPilot

Invite Clients

This feature of SocialPilot allows hassle-free management of your client’s social media profiles without their credentials.

RSS Feeds

Add your blog’s RSS feeds into your SocialPilot account and share your blog posts automatically or manually to your connected social media profiles.

Abbreviate your URLs

Shorten your URLs by using Bitly, Rebrandly and Sniply applications.

Generate Groups

Create account groups so that you create and share content to one set of social media accounts instead of choosing each account individually each time.

Social Mailbox

Use a single space to take care of all your messages, comments and posts on your Facebook pages.

Why SocialPilot is the best tool for Social Media Marketing? Who does it actually benefit?

The best synonym for SocialPilot is ‘timesaver’ and this word clearly describes this social marketing tool from top to bottom. The SocialPilot is an apt tool for:

SocialPilot and Small Businesses

SocialPilot is all about affordability and is an effortless time saver when it comes to Small Businesses. Let’s have a look at how SocialPilot helps with the upscaling of Small Businesses:

  • Exercise control over team member’s access to social accounts

    As they say ‘Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth’ and this is exactly what this particular feature of SocialPilot implies. As per this feature, SocialPilot allows you to control the access given to each team member by assigning separate and various levels to them.

  • Real-Time Response and Share Access of Social Inbox

    SocialPilot allows your team members to take all the actions such as responding to messages, posts and comments on multiple Facebook page in real time. This way your team can get a better and quick response.

  • Get a Full View of your Team’s Work

    The SocialPIlot calendar gives you a complete view of all the content scheduled by your team. It also allows you to reschedule the posts through the drag and drop arrangement.

  • Place 500 posts in just a few minutes

    SocialPilot gives you a flexible publishing option where you can add the time and data to urgent posts. They also allow you to schedule up to 500 posts for a month.

  • Detailed Analytics Reports

    Find out the best time to post, measure the audience growth trends and check the response on each posts with detailed analytics reports of SocialPilot

SocialPilot and Agency

The SocialPilot tool is a perfect asset for agencies as they can effortlessly manage your client’s social accounts and take care of all the related actions from one single platform. Let’s find out more about how SocialPilot helps agencies to maintain a perfect relationship with their respective clients:

  • A Safe Client Management Platform

    SocialPilot does not take any credentials from your client for connecting to their social account profiles.

  • Access Seamless Control

    Assign various levels of access to your team members and also exercise control over the access given to your team.

  • An all inclusive Analytics data reports

    SocialPilot gives all the metric data required to a definite impression with your clients. The analytics reports usually include every kind of metrics such as audience activity peaks, growth trends etc.

  • Cost Effective Way Management of Social Accounts

    You do not have to purchase any separate subscription with SocialPIlot for each functionality. The agency plan of SocialPilot ensures to stay within the budget so that your social media marketing requirements can be fulfilled without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • White Labeling Solutions

    Create a product of your own and build your identity with SocialPilot, as this tool ensures to customize the user interface for your agency.

SocialPilot and Enterprises

SocialPilot Enterprise plans are just the thing for you if you are handling a large organization. With the Enterprise plan of SocialPilot you get

SocialPilot Pricing Plans

SocialPilot gives you both Monthly and Yearly pricing plans along with added benefits such as :

SocialPilot does not bind you in any kind of contract. You are also free to change your plans, downgrade or upgrade your plans anytime. You also can put a pause to your subscription if you do not want to use your account for a certain period of time.

Final Thoughts

It is a known fact that Social media is ruling the era now and what more better way to upscale and boost your business. Social media marketing has taken over more than half of the marketing space of any organization and SocialPilot is the best way to handle this area effortlessly and with utmost confidence.

Move ahead with SocialPilot and manage your business from a single point.