Sage Financial Management & Business Process Software Review


Sage Review


Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment softwares that is formed to support small and budding enterprises in the world. With more than 13000 employees spread across 23 countries in the world, Sage has all the accounting software essentials to take care of the money and people management requirements of business generators.

Sage has engineered highly robust social and mobile technology that is well equipped to give first-hand information necessary for quick decision making from anywhere in the world. Sage also has a strong support system that is capable to give expert advice for the business builders during the time of need.

Sage Products

Sage has designed cloud based softwares in the Accounting, finance and the Payroll strata. The Accounting and Finance products of sage are all about helping the business builders to exercise complete control over companies’ business activities from the beginning till the end and to single handedly take care of the sales and accounting activities of the company.

On the other hand the Payroll strata products by Sage are engineered to boost the efficiency of the business with high end payroll softwares. Additionally Sage has also come up with an efficient software line for upholding the business management activities of an organization.

Let’s take a look at the Payroll software products of Sage that are designed to manage the payroll activities of a company:

Sage EasyPay (Payroll Management Software)

The Sage Payroll software goes by the name Sage EasyPay, which is considered as one of the top most human resource and payroll management software in the world. The Sage EasyPay prides over catering to more than 18000 businesses from Small and Medium Enterprises to huge multinationals in the world. Sage has formulated efficient, trustable, user friendly software which also has the unique trait of forecasting and solving any kind of special cases that arise in the HR strata of an organization.

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Features of Sage EasyPay

The Sage EasyPay has hands on experience in managing various areas of the Human Resource space of an organization. Be it data collection, tax filing calculation, leave and resource management or payroll issues, Sage Easypay has solutions for everything. Sage has categorized the HR functions under each module for easy and smart management.

  • Core Module

    Manages the personal and task related information of the employees.

  • Payment Module

    This module revolves around the tax filing, data collection, salary related bonuses, appraisal payments and the incentives of an organization.

  • Leave Module

    The Leave Module provides tools to manage the leave calendar and policies, reports that can be used by both private and public organizations. You also have the liberty to create your own calendar, policies and a leave management system with the Leave Module of Sage.

  • HR Module

    All employee related issues are taken care of by the HR Module except the payroll issues.

  • Cost Center Module

    The Cost Center Module takes care of the accrued items and cost allocation to the cost centers. The Sage EasyPay associates itself with Sage ERP and other accounting solutions.

  • Project Financing Module

    Handles the allocation of employee resources across projects and divides the costs among individual projects.

  • Self Service Module

    Employees can keep a track of their salary, leaves, claims etc using the Self Service Module of Sage EasyPay. One does not have to adhere to manual processes to use the Self Service Module of Sage EasyPay.

Sage Time Attendance System

Sage has come up with a full- fledged Time Attendance System, another value add option of Sage EasyPay that goes by the name Sage EasyTime. The Sage EasyTime is a user friendly component of Sage EasyPay that has elevated the Human Resource and the Payroll functions to a different level altogether. The different components of EasyTime eases the Payroll functions with an automated year-end report filing system, serves all legal aspects and involves Multi-Currency capabilities.

The prime goal behind the creation of the Sage Easy Time is to strengthen the association between HR and the Payroll Software. This system extracts data and inputs into the Leave and the Payroll module of EasyPay for faster and easier processing. It also systemizes and stores clear and accurate data of the employees so that the company does not have to depend on a human memory to check the employee mobility within the organization.

Last but not the least improve your productivity levels with efficient resource and project allocation through the Sage EasyTime attendance system.

Benefits of Sage EasyPay

Use Sage EasyPay to automate and streamline HR policies and processes, avoid impending human errors, Routine automation to help the HR team focus on more important areas and to enhance the data security and confidentiality.

Sage Pricing Plan

Final Thoughts

Investing in HR automation software like Sage will help the company focus on other strategic areas that requires more attention. Human Resource Management is largely a document-driven process and can be time-consuming, repetitive and extremely inefficient when done manually. This is where automation software comes into play; it can systemize and control the productivity and efficiency level of an organization. It can reduce errors and improve communication and collaboration and last but not the least it can improve processes and suggest what is working better across businesses