PureVPN Review - Your Key to Online Privacy and Security

PureVPN Review


PureVPN is one of the leading VPN services catering to 140+ countries with more than 3 million satisfied customers in their service space. PureVPN prides itself on being the first rated VPN service with features designed to battle high grade internet threats and to provide first class security to their users.

Before we get into the crux of the subject, let’s scan around and retrieve a little more about Virtual Private Network services or VPN services.

A Virtual Private Network provides you with an online private space and anonymity by building a safety wall and securing your browser from a public internet connection. VPN’s covers your Internet Protocol (IP) address so that your online actions are secured and cannot be traced by anyone.

Online Security and Privacy have become one of the most discussed subjects of the ever-changing technological world. Now a day’s browsing the internet is not confined to the closed proximities of your home. Also, a huge amount of confidential information is shared and handled via the internet on a day-to-day basis. This clearly proves that you need to protect your data on the World Wide Web from Cyber threats and other forms of online hazards.

VPNs scrambles the data using the encryption technique and it is sent over a Wi-Fi network. Encryption makes the data unreadable which in turn secures the information effectively.

What makes PureVPN different from the other VPN service providers?

PureVPN is overall characterized by the 3 strong features which are:

In addition to it, PureVPN comes up with a lot more mind-blowing features that primarily aim to safeguard and protect your freedom on the internet and also builds a safety net around you while browsing.

You can access the Security and Freedom of the Internet Browsing with the following features of PureVPN.

Internet Security

Gear your devices with world-class internet security to safeguard them from every possible threat. The various components of PureVPN Internet Security are:

  • 256 Bit Encryption

    PureVPN engages intense and high-quality 256 bit encryption to protect your data.

  • Secure Wi-Fi

    Switch on this feature to automatically activate the VPN as soon as you connect to the internet through any unsafe or unprotected WiFi.

  • Port Forwarding

    The Port Forwarding feature of PureVPN adds that extra layer of security to assure you that nothing is compromised when it comes to your online privacy, security and freedom.

  • VPN Kill Switch

    The PureVPN Kill Switch feature ensures to maintain your privacy level intact and uncompromised at all times.

  • Dedicated IP

    PureVPN offers a thoroughly committed IP add-on for those users who wants to exercise complete control over their online reputation.

  • DDoS Protection

    PureVPN’s DDoS protection add-on assures to defeat the most complex DDoS attacks for maximum protection.

Internet Privacy

The Internet Privacy features of PureVPN builds the safety private net around that leaves you untraceable and safe throughout.

PureVPN Internet Privacy elements comprises of:

  • IP Address Masking

    Mask your IP address completely while browsing to ensure maximum online privacy.

  • Anonymous Surfing

    Receive an anonymous IP from the region of your browsing so that you remain completely unidentified.

  • DNS Leak Protection

    PureVPN’s features protect your data from possible DNS leaks and thereby provide maximum security for your data.

  • IPv6 Leak Protection

    PureVPN offers IPV6 leak protection with its windows application.

  • Web RTC Leak Protection

    The Web RTC Leak Protection feature prevents your real IP from leaking and protects it effectively.

  • iOS VPN on Demand

    The Ios on Demand feature allows you to use your ISP connection and the encrypted VPN connection at the same time.

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Internet Freedom

Feel free and confident to access the websites and protect yourself from all possible threats of the Cyberspace and preserve your online privacy with PureVPN.

The Internet Freedom feature of PureVPN comes up with the following attributes

  • P2P VPN

    Access P2P enabled service with committed and highly advanced servers for P2P file sharing.

  • Accessing Restricted Sites

    PureVPN lets you access the internet beyond every possible limit.

  • Dedicated Streaming Servers

    PureVPN possesses dedicated servers arranged for advanced form of super-fast streaming.

  • P2P Protection

    The secure P2P feature allows you reap the maximum benefit of secure file sharing system and the P2P experience.

  • Ultra-Fast Speed

    The network servers are run by the 10Gbit connection speed that gives it the Ultra Fast Speed feature.

  • Defeat ISP Throttling

    Stop your ISP from interrupting your internet speed by getting unlimited server switching to conceal you.

PureVPN works on all your Devices

PureVPN supports all the possible devices under the sky. Be it your PC, Smartphone, Router, Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Kodi, PureVPN ensures to partner with them and function efficiently.

Let’s have a look at how PureVPN functions proficiently with different devices.

  • Desktop Applications

    PureVPN’s desktop applications for Windows and Mac offer robust features for smooth and free flowing connectivity.

  • Mobile Applications

    PureVPN’s smart applications for Android and Ios give the assurance to protect your data all the time.

  • Browser Extensions

    The Firefox and Chrome extension of PureVPN is highly simple and user friendly.

  • Router

    Configure PureVPN without any disturbance by using the dedicated applet for the routers.

  • TV and Devices

    Access uninterrupted internet on your TV by using the PureVPN dedicated application for Smart TVs.

  • Gaming Consoles

    PureVPN empowers you to enjoy your games to the fullest with reduced lag and ping times.

10 Multi Logins per Household

PureVPN also ensures to take care of the user’s family. Every PureVPN provides 10 multi-logins to make sure that your family is also duly protected.

Other Basic Features

PureVPN can literally be termed as the wholesome package that comprises of Online Security, Online Privacy and Absolute Internet Freedom.

These basic features of PureVPN ensures to protect and safeguard your data 24/7.

  • Easy to Use Applications

    Nothing seems complicated with PureVPN as they ensure to provide you with easy, smart and super user-friendly applications in just a single click.

  • 2000+ servers in 180+ locations

    PureVPN bundles a huge pool of 300,000+ IPS with 2000+ servers in 140+ countries.

  • Access all Servers

    Feel free to access all the servers irrespective of the package plan you choose.

  • Unlimited Bandwith VPN

    Absence of data limits enables you to browse the internet freely without any worry or confusion.

  • Split Tunneling

    You can make a choice between VPN or ISP as a medium to send your data.

  • 24 Hour Live Chat Support

    PureVPN’s Customer Support Representatives are available 24/7 to support you and answer your queries at any time of the day.

PureVPN Servers

The PureVPN servers are the fastest and are widely spread all across the globe. Also PureVPN gives you access to Virtual Server Locations. When connected to a Virtual Server Location, you are given an IP address from the country or region of your choice while your traffic is diverted via a server present in another country with a more secure and good connection.

The PureVPN servers exhibits the following features:

  • High Speed Servers

    A perfect blend of Speed and Performance is what clearly defines the PureVPN servers.

  • Secure Servers

    Proceed with your online activities without any stress or tension as the encrypted servers of PureVPN makes sure to provide an extra layer of strength and security.

  • Multiple Protocols

    The servers of PureVPN support all security protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 etc.

  • Dedicated Streaming Servers

    PureVPN servers offer amazing streaming speed that allows you to watch your videos and online content without any disruption or buffering.

  • P2P Enabled Servers

    With PureVPN, you can connect to the P2P servers located in the regions where P2P downloading is legal.

PureVPN for your Business

PureVPN Pricing Plans

Subscribe to the 7 day trial plan of PureVPN and check if the services meet your expectations. You can also access all the premium features of PureVPN with the 7 day trial plan.

The three other major plans of PureVPN are the 1 Month Plan , 12 Months plan and the 24 Months Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the trial ends you will be auto subscribed to the annual plan and will be entitled to receive a 31 day money back guarantee that comes with the standard annual plan.

Yes, PureVPN offers their services for students as well. PureVPN allows you to access Movies, TV shows or sports without any restrictions or buffering. You also can make use of the student code to avail discounts for the PureVPN student plan.

PureVPN works on Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 versions. It comes up with features such as Good Speed, DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection and also allows you to transform your PC and laptop into a VPN hotspot.

PureVPN supports all popular online games like PUBG, Dota 2, Fortnite and much more. The PureVPN services for Gaming allows you to access new games early, customize your servers with VPN, allows Multi-login for upto 10 devices and protects your online connection  from possible threats.

Final Thoughts

Security, Privacy , Freedom and Dedication – the four strong pillars of PureVPN. Browse the internet with full on confidence and freedom by using the services of PureVPN actively. The headstrong features of PureVPN ensures to support you at every step of your online activity and you can go ahead without feeling stressful or confused about the possible cyber threats, data leaks or other online hazards.

Experience the online freedom with PureVPN!