Ontraport Review-All about Marketing Automation


Ontraport Review


Ontraport is that one place where you can find all the automated marketing tools required to shape up your brand image and business. It is a fully featured email marketing platform that exhibits highly potential marketing automation and an inbuilt CRM for effective management of your prospective contacts.

Founded by Landon Ray in the year 2006, Ontraport has its headquarters at Santa Barbara, California and is currently functioning with over more than 100 employees. Ontraport takes pride in empowering thousands of business around the globe     and helps the entrepreneurs around the world to visualize success by removing the burden of technology.

In a nutshell Ontraport is a Visual Marketing automation and Reporting platform that delivers essential features such as a powerful CRM system, marketing automation, membership sites, one-click WordPress hosting, excellent email delivery, payment processing system, direct mail printing, affiliate management and their innovative business automation suite.

Let’s navigate and find out why Ontraport is one of the top most choices for entrepreneurs around the globe.


Ontraport Tools and Solutions

Ontraport tools provide hassle free and centralized solutions to run your business with ease and self-assurance. This blog will give you a detailed insight into the Tools of Ontraport and their efficiency factor.

The Ontraport solutions are primarily divided into:

Ontraport Marketing Must Haves

The Ontraport Marketing Must haves comprises of:

Marketing Automation

Ontraport offers a very powerful and influential Marketing Automation platform that uses various components within to understand your customers’ needs and to deliver more effective marketing solutions on the first go

The different components of the Ontraport Marketing Automation tool are:

  • Ontraport Systems

    The Ontraport Systems has all the factors that will help you initiate the process and will ultimately get you up and running fast. Automatic Setup, a huge of library of Pre-designed systems, Content Sharing with your friends and other Ontraport users and a Single Screen to view your business systems are some of the unique features of Ontraport Systems.

  • Campaign Automation

    The Campaign Automation component of Ontraport Marketing Automation is one of the best campaign builders in the industry with features like the Drag and drop campaign editor, Cross channel experiences, Split test feature and Deep funnel conversion reporting.

  • Email+SMS Messaging

    This component of Marketing Automation is a highly powerful tool suitable for email and SMS messaging. It comes with 3 email editors, 2-way text messaging, well designed Tracking system and a Time Control system for the message delivery.

  • Email Deliverability

    The Email Deliverability element ensures to deliver the emails right into your inbox. This component gives you Access to a team of postmasters to coach you for success, SPF, DKIM and custom sending domains, Seedlist testing and Private IPs for large senders.

  • Tracking+Attribution

    The Tracking and Attribution is the best guide that helps you make the right decisions for your business through Sticky Contact tracking system, Pre-cog for web leads and Advanced Attribution for Google Analytics.

  • Facebook Custom Audiences

    The Facebook Custom Audiences helps you launch brilliant Facebook Campaigns and you get Direct integration with Facebook Custom Audiences, helps you drive the immediate next action, allows you to use campaigns to automate and track your Facebook retargeting and presents endless possibilities from new client onboarding, referral requests and much more.

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What is Exceptional about Ontraport Marketing Automation?

Ontraports Marketing Automation tool showcases an array of features that makes it one of the best marketing platforms in the industry. The features are:

  • Good Amount of Data to work with

    Ontraport accumulates a huge chunk of data about your contacts than any other system. This helps you to section your prospects and deliver more efficient messaging automatically.

  • Well Designed Campaign Builder

    Ontraport features a well structured and extremely flexible Campaign Builder. This Campaign Builder ensures to create well-refined automations, and houses a wide range of proven templates to help you get started.

  • Communication Channel Integration

    Ontraport integrates with various communication channels so that you can deliver targeted, personalized marketing messages via email,SMS and calls from the sales teams.

  • Lead Source Tracking

    The Lead Source Tracking feature of Ontraport gives you the exact information about the players in the marketing field

  • Clear idea on the working

    The Ontraport Campaign performance builder provides you with a complete report of any visual builder and a clear view of the entire functioning.

  • First-Class Email Deliverability

    Ontraport’s team of well experienced postmasters manages the largest email programs on their own delivery infrastructure.

Ontraport Email Marketing

Customize and personalize your emails, activate the high performing email campaigns and ensure to deliver the emails to relevant addresses with the Email Marketing tool of Ontrasport. High email delivery rate is one of the top most priorities for Ontraport Email Marketing tool.

How is Ontraport Email Marketing is different from the others?

It is definitely true that Email Marketing is not outdated and this is rightly proven with the Ontraport Email Marketing features.

Ontraport SMS and Postcards

Instead of waiting for your customers to open your email, Ontraport gives you the opportunity to get in instant touch with your customers through the SMS texts and Postcards.

The SMS and Postcard option of Ontraport showcases the following features

Ontraport Pages and Forms

The Ontraport Pages and Forms component is definitely an inevitable tool of the Marketing pitch. The unqiue feature that sets the Ontraport Pages and Forms apart from rest of the others is its Drag and Drop technique specifically designed for its online marketing. The different elements of Ontraport Pages and Forms are:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor

    The Drag-and-Drop page builder of Ontraport eases your Web page building job by double or triple. It is one of the most influential and powerful web page editor that can help you visualize better. The Drag-and-Drop editor gives you features such as an Extensive template library, Global blocks, Order forms and Split test for your pages.

  • Membership Sites

    You can create Membership sites with Ontraport and enjoy features like Quick and easy setup, Unlimited flexibility, Create as many sites as you like and Easy Customer Management.

  • Form Builders

    Embed forms anywhere with the Ontraport Form builders that is featured with Pop, Exit and Scroll technique, Full page and floating bar and Capture lead source data.

  • Dynamic Content

    The Dynamic content component of Ontraport helps you personalize content for your audience and gives you Conditional content, Personalization and PURLs, Timed Content delay, and allows you to Merge URL variables.

  • WordPress Integration

    Ontraport allows you to connect effectively with your WordPress site and you can see features like Embed Ontraport Pages, Embed Lead Capture forms, Membership sites and Customer Center.

Why should you choose Ontraport’s Pages and Forms over the others?

Ontraport’s Pages and Forms give you a huge collection of features that will clearly prove that they are way above their competitors when it comes to professionalism and its expertise.

Ontraport Marketing Analytics

Gauge your marketing results, get relevant data about leads and customers, convert more customers to enhance growth and make the best of your detailed data and insights with Ontraport Marketing Analytics.

Ontraport uses a simple 4 step procedure that helps you base your marketing decisions on relevant data.

Let’s scan each step in detail to learn more about Ontraport’s Marketing Analytics

Step 1 : Track

Step 2 : Analyze

Step 3 : Convert

Step 4 : Optimize

Ontraport Businesses Basics

Ontraport Businesses Basics elements are just what you exactly need to deliver more engaging, more effective experiences across every channel.

Ontraport Businesses Basics comprises of:


The different components of Ontraport Sales and CRM are:

  • Segment+Organize

    This element of Ontraport’s Sales and CRM stores and organizes all your customer data in one central platform. The Segment+Organize section helps you organize your businesses according to your preferences, saves your time from navigating through different screens as a single screen handles all the common tasks, focuses on group segmentation and assigns set permissions for access control based on the roles.

  • Smart Pipelines

    Ontraport Smart Pipelines plays an important role in managing your sales pipelines, customer onboarding, product launch and much more. Streamline your automations effectively, customize and personalize the card fields and colors and sum up everything to monitor total progress.

  • Unified Contact History

    The Ontraport Sales+CRM helps you track your customer’s journey through Unified Contact History system. With this element you can see the origin of every lead, view every point between ad and sale, find out what works and what does not and gives you a complete report on automation.

  • Task Automation

    The Task Automation element of Ontraport Sales and CRM creates a strong link between your team and automation. This system integrates offline and online marketing, checks the previous tasks so that the upcoming tasks can be duly automated, helps to retrieve data using internal forms and effectively track everything with automated overdue task notifications, easy filtering and built-in reminders.

  • Custom Objects

    The Custom Objects part of Ontraport Sales and CRM allows you to store, manage and automate anything. You can create new record types from custom data, Add relationships between records, create sophisticated automations for complex businesses and get started with custom object templates.

  • Lead Scoring and Routing

    The Lead Scoring and Routing helps you retrieve prospective leads hidden in your list, direct leads to the right rep automatically and notifies you duly when the right lead strikes your website

Business Process Automation

Ontraport’s Business Process Automation is a single point where all the automation tools combine forces to prepare your business to scale up. And how do they do it is clearly defined in 4 simple steps which are:

  • Organize

    The Organize function of Ontraport’s Business Process Automation ensures to combine all the automation tools to provide an all-in –one solution to automate all the prospects.

  • Process

    With the Process function you can automate all the repetitive tasks so that you and your team can focus on more important matters related to your project and business.

  • Manage

    Develop a favourable environment for your businesses to scale with the Manage function of Ontraport’s Business Process Automation. This function reorganizes the processes to increase the output of your team and to elevate your business to a better position.

  • Improve

    The Improve function ensures that every communication with your customer is as pleasant and amazing as the last. This function gives you the opportunity to improvise at every step of the way to strengthen the bond between you and your customer.

Membership Sites

Ontraport actively links you with WordPress site to create a membership site. Earn passive income by building and selling online courses.

Ontraport performs this action through a 4 step process which are

  • Build

    With the Build function of Ontraport, just one software is more than enough to create, launch and manage an entire membership site. You do not need any extra accessories like plugins or toggling between multiple tools.

  • Manage

    The automated member management function of Ontraport has built-in systems to handle all the administrative tasks related to managing a membership site.

  • Integrate

    This function of Ontraport allows you to integrate with your existing WordPress site so that you can create web forms in Ontraport and effectively track the members visiting your site.

  • Expand

    The Expand function of Ontraport’s Membership sites helps you reach more potential members, sell more memberships and maintain strong communications with your existing members.

Ontraport Sales Essentials

The Ontraport Sales Essentials comprises of tools such as:

Sales Force Automation

The Ontraport Sales Force Automation effectively takes care of your visual sales pipeline, form leads by stage in the leads cycle and much more.

The Ontraport Sales Force Automation helps you with a simple 5 step process which is:

  • Organize

    Reorganize and restructure your sales process with Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation. And by doing so you will able to generate more prospects, nurture your leads, and eventually close more sales.

  • Automate

    Free yourself from manually tracking your sales tasks and use Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation to automat task prompts and reminders to reach out to specific leads.

  • Nurture

    The automated follow-up funnels of Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation directs leads back to your sites, sells leads on your products and builds stronger relationships that completes the deal.

  • Score

    Rank your contacts based on behavior and demographic information using the Score function of Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation. This function helps you target the most qualified leads

  • Route

    Assign and allocate leads to your sales team using the Route function of Ontraport’s Sales Force Automation. The Round Robin feature of this function allows you to easily distribute leads equally among your sales team members.


Ontraport’s inbuilt payments platform is all engineered to boost your online sales to all impossible limits. Ontraport’s Ecommerce comes up with the following tools such as:

  • Order Forms

    Ontraport’s Order Forms allows you to accept one-time payments, subscriptions and more. You can create pages with its Drag-and drop designer, select your desired template from Ontraport’s library of proven templates, Integrate with a wide selection of payment gateways to activate your online business and to capture lead data through Multiple-page forms.

  • Offline Transactions

    Ontraport’s Offline Transactions allows you to charge cards manually and is featured by PCI Level 1 Certification, Anytime manual transactions, No gateway lock-in and store offers for 2-click orders.

  • Complex Offers

    Create offers that comes to your mind, mix and match them for unlimited novelty and creativity through the Complex Offers component. This element of Ontraport’s Ecommerce displays features like Subscription Management, Free or Paid Trials, Payment Plans and Charge later options.

  • Upsells +Order Bumps

    The Upsells and Order Bumps of Ontraport Ecommerce helps Increase Average Order Value, initiates Smart Order Batching and uses Order Bumps for optional add-ons

  • Decline Recovery

    This element automates collection management to recapture more charges and retain more customers. It captures declined transactions, sends card expiration reminders, features Automatic retry and write-offs and offers Self-service card updates.

  • Customer Center

    Initiate self-service option with the Customer Center element of Ontraport Ecommerce .This component comes up with features such as Self-service customer support, Drag-and –drop design, Instant Hosting and Ontraport Pages or WordPress.

  • Referral Tracking

    Keep a tab on referrals and reward your partners for spreading word through the Referral Tracking option of Ontraport’s Ecommerce. With this option you can clearly understand who is driving new business, Set up reward programs, Create custom referral links and get access to Flexible Commission structure.

What’s in store for me with Ontraport’s Ecommerce Platform?

The Ontraport Ecommerce Platform exhibits features that clearly provide a strong support for your online business ventures. The reason why you should choose Ontraport’s Ecommerce Platform is

Ontraport Pricing Plans

Ontraport gives you an opportunity to try their products and services for free for a 14day trial period. During this course you can see how Ontraport’s all-in one CRM and marketing software can help scale your business. Apart from that Ontraport’s pricing plans are set on a month-to month basis and you can cancel the plan anytime.


Ontraport Support Team

Ontraport prides itself over an award winning support team who gives you direct access to well trained, highly knowledgeable and supremely efficient Ontraport Experts. You can get in touch with the Ontraprot Support team through Chat, Email and Phone.

Final Thoughts

Where to begin and How to start off? Are these the questions lingering in your mind when it comes to the marketing phase of your business? Well, look no further as Ontraport gives you the right set of products and services for completely automating the marketing process related to your business. The wide range of products, services and their related features ensures to provide a good back up support for the marketing activities of your business.

So Simply Automate your Business with Ontraport and Automatically Reach your Target!