OmniGeometry Software Review - Read This Before You Buy It

OmniGeometry Review


OmniGeometry is designed to create geometric structures based on recurring geometric shapes. Everything in OmniGeometry is based on layers and their parameters. Each layer has more than 40 parameters that you can edit, and instantly see changes in the build.

When using the common illustration softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or other traditional image editing software to create recurring or sacred geometry patterns, you have to get accustomed to tools which are not ideally designed for this task. In normal scenarios a lot of effort, time and fine tuning goes into getting results similar to Omnigeometry. However with OmniGeometry you get a plain clean dashboard that allows you to easily and effortlessly create infinite geometric patterns with the simple touch of a button.

What can you create with OmniGeometry Design Software?

Perfect Recursive Geometry- This software tool enables you to create perfect recursive geometry within a matter of seconds as opposed to spending countless hours drawing the required geometry shapes by hand.

OmniGeometry takes the basic concept of Geometry to a completely different level. This software is engineered in such a way that it enables you to draw a shape recursively over and over, with multiple levels of depth. For eg: increasing the recursion depth helps you find new patterns out of the same base formation, allowing you at the same time to fine tune all the parameters real time.

A usual designer software tool would not be able to handle the recursive drawing as on each level of recursion the number of points would increase exponentially.


Please refer to the above picture for clarity.

To elaborate on this, if the first level of recursion has 8 points, the next level would be 64 and by the time you get to the third level of recursion you are dealing with 4096 points!

We cannot imagine drawing 4096 formations with traditional designer software tools like photoshop or by hand. However OmniGeometry would literally take you less than 5 seconds and just a simple 4 step clicks on the recursion parameter setting.

Export Vector Files- Everything in OmniGeometry is dynamic in nature. All drawings are based on parameters and as per the parameter settings the layers are drawn dynamically.

You can export high resolution versions of your scenes either as light PNG files, or infinite resolution vector versions that are perfect for prints and physical designs respectively.

Animation- The Animation feature of OmniGeometry can bring your stunning static geometric design to life.

You can customize and play with your design by scaling, rotating and changing the colors of each layer which in turn allows you to create brilliant and mesmerizing animated geometry patterns and designs.

Tracing- Tracing is another technical feature of OmniGeometry that allows you trace your animated scenes to produce stunning static bitmap images. When combined with animation, tracing allows you to draw on top of the previous frame thus creating mind-blowing and smooth color patterns.

Flower of Life- Flower of Life is one of the unique features of OmniGeometry with which you can easily design and draw Geometry patterns like the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Platonic Solids, Fractals and Toroids flawlessly and in no time.

No Installation required- As OmniGeometry is a cloud based software, you can access the software from any browser and it does not require any installation and also you can save all the templates to the cloud.

Who uses OmniGeometry?

The OmniGeometry designer software inspires professionals from all over the world and from all walks of life like graphic designers, tattoo artists, fashion designers, festival and event organizers and moviemakers to generate and produce their geometry inspired designs.

What are the Benefits of OmniGeometry?

Final Thoughts

OmniGeometry is definitely a great breakthrough in the world of Art and Design. It is a perfect blend of Software and Art which eases the creation of complex Geometric designs and patterns for various Professionals and Business Groups.

OmniGeometry is a handy tool as it easily creates complex Geometric Designs and can apply the technique of Animation to it, which is not at all possible with traditional design software such as photoshop etc.

We definitely recommend this software for anyone and everyone who is into the Business of Designs and Art.