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Are you looking out to purchase a suitable domain name for your website? Do you want to enjoy the best hosting service in the industry? Shop for your preferred domain name and choose the right hosting service from Namecheap.

Namecheap founded by Richard Kirkendall, began offering domains and hosting services for a good price in the year 2000 along with excellent customer service. Today they have over 3 million clients and manage over 11 million domains making it one of the top-rated choices amongst Individuals, Businesses, and Resellers.

Namecheap Domain Management System

The domain system of Namecheap offers diverse range of services and real cool techniques to choose your preferred domain name for your website. You can hit the right domain name for your website and be a part of two million happy customers after you register with Namecheap. Give that finishing touch to your website with Namecheap domain names and turn your dream into a brilliant reality.

The elements of Namecheap Domain system are widespread and really robust and definite in nature. Let us examine the different domain gears of Namecheap.

Domain Name Search

Choosing the right domain name for your website is like finding the right name for your baby. The website domain name should illustrate everything about your website. You can register your domain name with Namecheap in 3 simple steps

First choose a domain name that matches your brand. Secondly check its availability and find if it is already taken. Once you confirm the availability of the domain name, you can go ahead and register the domain and draw the benefits accordingly, which is the third and the final step of the domain registration process.

With the Namecheap domain service you get access to the following:

Easy Domain Transfer

You can transfer your .Net domain name to Namecheap without any interruptions or disturbance. You only need to follow few simple procedures to transfer your existing domain to Namecheap.

  1. Check your domain in the search bar and see if it meets the basic transfer requirements of Namecheap.
  2. Examine if your Domain is fit for transfer by checking with the domain type requirements. After this step have your authorization code ready.
  3. Shop for the suitable domain and add it to the cart. Then head to check out and make your payment. The domain transfer will happen automatically within 30 minutes to 6 days.

Benefits of transferring your domain to Namecheap

  • Fast and Easy Savings

    Draw benefits of the best domain transfer service in the market, fill your pockets with savings on your annual renewal purchase along with a Comodo Positive SSL exclusive offer.

  • Easy Management

    Namecheap’s domain management system is clutter free and absolutely focused. The Checkout and Account panel of Namecheap makes the domain management effortless, effective and efficient.

  • Easy Consolidation

    Access everything from one to move all your domains to Namecheap. You do not have to perform a trial and error method with various providers, contacts and services to complete the domain transfer process.

  • Round the Clock Support

    The Customer support team at Namecheap is all geared to provide you the right help and solutions whenever you need it. The Customer service team functions 24/7.

New TLD’s (Top Level Domains)

Namecheap empowers you to register to the newest and freshest TLDs in the world and the customer support team is always at your beck and call to give a strong back up and support you at every step of your way.

Personal Domain

Namecheap offers the Personal Domain service which you can use to personalize your website and your online presence. Personal Domains adds a final touch of professionalism to your website and company email address.


Namecheap has set up an easy and transparent system which allows you to buy and sell domains. Namecheap gives you a detailed table on all the existing domain names, featured domain names and premium domain names.

Whois Lookup

The Whois domain tool of Namecheap helps you find out if your domain name is taken. In case if it is taken, you always have the option to make them an offer that they cannot refuse. Also the Whois Look up tool of Namecheap enables to find more information of your preferred domain and the owner who owns it.

Premium DNS

Namecheap offer one of the most cost effective and highly performing DNS services which is highly advantageous for your business. The Premium DNS service comes up with 100% Service Level Agreement for DNS resolution.


Namecheap offers FreeDNS services for users who do not have hosting services with their domain registration. The DNS hosting services of Namecheap is highly advanced and absolutely free. The reason Namecheap is providing the DNS services free of cost is because they want the first time users to experience the products and services of Namecheap and clearly understand the quality of the product before they decide to make the purchase.

Namecheap Hosting Services

Bring your website to light with Namecheap Web Hosting services. What makes Namecheap’s web hosting services different from others is that there are no hidden fees; offers free hosting migrations, round the clock support and much more benefits that you can imagine.

Namecheap offers Web Hosting services for an array of users starting with the Online Beginners, Small Businesses and Large Businesses. The Web Hosting plans are primarily allocated to suit and match the requirements of the above users.

  • Namecheap Web Hosting Services for Online Beginners

    The Namecheap Web Hosting services for Online Beginners are very simple, straightforward, easily understandable and completely affordable. These web hosting services can be used effectively to set up your personal websites, blogs or landing pages for your business venture.

  • Namecheap Web Hosting services for Small Businesses

    The Namecheap Web Hosting services for Small Businesses is perfect for anyone who wants to boost up their speed and confidence of their company or online business ventures.

  • Namecheap Web Hosting Services for Large Businesses

    Large businesses can use the Namecheap Web Hosting service to derive high level of flexibility and security with maximum performance to enhance all the elements of their website.

A little more on Namecheap Web Hosting Benefits

Free of Cost Hosting Migration

Are you keen on changing your hosting provider? Well, Namecheap will do it absolutely free of cost from the beginning till the end.

Cost Effective Services

Experience high-end service and at a very inexpensive rate when compared to the services offered by the competitors. An array of valuable services at a very cost-effective price is what clearly defines Namecheap Web Hosting Service.

24/7 Customer Support

The Namecheap Customer support team is always there at your beck and call in case you need fixing an issue or need a strong support for venturing out into the world with your business ideas.

Refrain from getting stressed

The moment you have decided to use Namecheap Web Hosting services, be rest assured that you are well guided and strongly supported. Top end priority is given to your business needs and requirements so that you feel motivated and confident at every step of your way.

Prime Namecheap Web Hosting Service Plans

All the Web Hosting Service Plans of Namecheap comes up with the following benefits which are

The different plans of Web Hosting services offered by Namecheap are:

Namecheap Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting is the most basic type of Web Hosting wherein multiple websites are hosted by one single server. It is one of the most cost effective options where the user gets ample resources for any startup, local business or personal website.

The Shared Hosting features include:

  • Free SSL Certificates

    The Namecheap Shared Hosting plan comes up with 50 free SSL certificates for one year which are set up automatically.

  • 24/7 Live Support

    The Customer Support team is available round the clock to help you with all your Shared Hosting needs.

  • WordPress and cPanel

    Install WordPress directly and easily with Namecheap within no time. The Softaculous app installer makes updating and maintaining your open-source applications a cakewalk.

  • Personalized Email Service

    Make your business look professional and raise its standard by using a domain-based email address for your business. Also you can add email accounts, arrange for forwarders, activate auto-responses and mailing lists. The Spam Experts also play an important role in protecting you from any kind of possible threats or viruses.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Services

The EasyWP WordPress Hosting service of Namecheap is a very robust and perfectly managed WordPress service for all. The WordPress Hosting service includes the following features:

  • Speedy WordPress Hosting Service

    EasyWP prides itself on being the fastest WordPress Hosting provider and also highly affordable.

  • Well Organized and Fast

    Your website becomes up and running in just one single click. You do not have to travel around through old cPanel interfaces or find out ways to install WordPress. EasyWp WordPress hosting plans mainly target to save your time and money effectively.

  • Smart and Efficient WordPress Hosting

    Through EasyWp WordPress hosting, your website is completely driven by the latest true cloud technology that gives you a more trustworthy experience and an organized form of WordPress hosting.

  • Set and Customize

    The EasyWp WordPress tool gives you the freedom to write, edit and publish your content with a user friendly interface.

  • Easy Website Management

    EasyWP allows you to handle and manage all your WordPress sites in one place. EasyWP is a single platform from where all the prime functions like creating backups, changing the domain and accessing files through sFTP can be done without any hassle.

  • Value-Pricing

    EasyWP ensures to remove all the mediators and slacks down all unwanted costs to deliver excellent performance and dependability at a high value price.

Namecheap VPS Hosting Services

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting refers to the division of a physical server into multiple ones. Each VPS has its own Operating System and gets a separate share of resources from one server so that they can function alone and can be rebooted separately.

The VPS Hosting services of Namecheap are nurtured by the 3 main attributes; Flexibility, Control and Security. Namecheap’s VPS Hosting service comes up with the following benefits that are applicable to the entire Monthly, Quarterly and the Yearly plans.

The following features of VPS hosting makes it the right choice for its users

  • Full on Customization

    You can customize your VPS according to your technical expertise. Simply access your server, select your Operating System and decide if you want to install a cPanel.

  • High-Grade Security

    The well developed software and hardware firewalls assure high grade security for your virtual hosting functions. Continuous server backups are scheduled on a routine basis to ensure strong security for your hosting environment.

  • Speedy and Secure

    Experience 20X faster storage with fresh SSD (Solid State Drive) storage designed to elevate performance over the traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive). This boosts up the website’s speed and takes the performance of the site to altogether a different level.

  • First Class Support

    The Namecheap customer support is ever ready to answer your questions about anything and everything related to server management and customization options.

Namecheap Email Hosting

Get a full-fledged and robust email system from Namecheap to fulfil all your personal and business related needs. Choose your desired plan and make use of the email hosting tools and features to effectively manage your email, calendar, contacts and other attributes of your business.

All the Email Hosting Plans include

Namecheap’s Email hosting services comes up with the following features which are:

  • Sophisticated Webmail

    The Email Hosting service of Namecheap does not involve any expensive and complicated software requirements and does not have any privacy concerns.

  • Easy Collaboration

    The Pro and Ultimate plans of Namecheap empower you to share emails, documents and spreadsheets without any hassles.

  • Mobile Support

    The Email Hosting services of Namecheap supports ActiveSync, CalDav, CardDav and other protocols on the Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Windows phone devices.

  • A Combined Approach

    You can manage multiple email accounts from different providers and do not have to worry about the Email overload problems

  • Guarantee

    Namecheap gives you a promising guarantee for the Email Hosting services. You can expect supreme quality and build your trust with the Namecheap products and services.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Namecheap provides a Two-Factor Authentication method to keep your email account secure and to ensure that your credentials are not compromised at any cost.

Namecheap Security Factor

Technology is something that can make or break a situation and the cyber world today is filled with unseen danger in form of threats, identity thieves and much more. Namecheap gives real good measures to secure your online presence through two prime channels of security. They are the WhoisGuard service for the WhoisGuard domain owners and a wide variety of SSL certificates to secure the website visitors. Find out why you should choose Namecheap as a security option for your online activities.

  • Best form of Protection

    You can access one of the best security option in the form of Two-Factor Authentication and WhoisGuard privacy protection – all this absolutely free of cost.

  • Customer Security

    An SSL certificate from Namecheap gives you a free site seal, 99% browser ubiquity, a money-back guarantee and all the data protection tools that fits your customers needs and requirements.

  • Excellent Support System

    Namecheap products are strongly supported by a knowledgeable team who works 24/7. Also the vast knowledge base of Namecheap is filled with information that you can access at anytime of the day.

  • Wide Range of Options

    The SSL products of Namecheap ranges from basic to advanced, from single to multiple domain. The Namecheap security options are designed to fit all kinds of business and budget.

  • Safety Unblock Content

    The VPN service of Namecheap allows you to change your virtual location to unlock the internet for fast streaming, data transfer activity and for gaming purpose.

  • Privacy Protection

    Wherever the location, work stress free and without fear with Namecheap’s VPN service.

Namcheap Pricing Plans

There are four levels of Pricing Plans for Namecheap which are:

Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing Plans

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Pricing Plans

Namecheap VPS Hosting Pricing Plans

Namecheap Email Hosting Pricing Plans

Namcheap - Final Thoughts

Web Hosting is a huge platform where you can find several service providers offering a wide range of Web Hosting products and services to match your personal as well as business needs or requirements.

The question that lingers in the minds of everyone who is looking out to venture into the digital space is how to find the right web hosting service and whom should I contact to get a catchy domain name for my website?

We Say ; Don’t look too far to find that perfect Web Hosting Service provider as Namecheap is the right answer to all your questions about Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration.

Choose the right option with Namecheap and personalize your website with elegance and professionalism.