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InVideo Rating


Invideo is one of the latest web based video creation software that has been getting really good reviews lately. Browser based software’s can come in handy for several purposes like product marketing, online training sessions, online meetings and events etc. The Invideo sets a great platform to convert your content into a video format to boost engagement with your customers or clients. The customizable features timeline and drag and drop features of this software make it super easy to create videos on the browser.

Invideo is an Indian based startup that has raised $15 million and is moving forward to capture more users and customers worldwide. So far Invideo has amassed more than 800,000 users have created videos in over 75 languages. Start off with a free subscription monthly plan of Invideo that gives you amazing features for you to start off with your video content.

Follow a simple 3 step process of create your video absolutely free with Invideo.

  • Step 1

    First choose a template that suits your project and style. Fashion every component within the template like scenes, images, colors etc so that you can alter the whole template according to your style and vision.

  • Step 2

    Input your text and make the necessary changes using the music, pictures and videos from the free stock library. Also alter the colors, fonts and logos etc.

  • Step 3

    Once your video is ready, go ahead and download it to post it on the youtube or the social media platforms.

InVideo Tools

The Invideo products can be extensively used on several social media platforms to showcase your passion level as well as to scale up your business side. The different products of Invideo are:

Youtube Video Editor

The Invideo Youtube Video Editor gives you the liberty to tailor and edit an original Youtube video. The huge stock of premium footages from the library is available for you to boost your video experience. This feature-filled video editor of Invideo is super easy to use and extremely cost-effective.

Invideo Outro Maker

Before we get into the details of this product of Invideo, let us understand what an outro is?
An outro is basically an end slate or an end card to a video. The video creators usually use an outro maker to create stunning outros to keep the audience arrested to their videos.
The Invideo’s Outro Maker allows you to create mind blowing end slate for your videos that will keep the audience glued to your video till the end.

InVideo Facebook Video Ads

Making an Ad for the Facebook has become the most sought out thing for everybody. Catchy ads will take your brand and business closer to your target. Create stunning Facebook Ads with the Invideo Facebook Ads to grab attention and to create a striking effect among the audience.

Invideo Intro Maker

If outros are the endslate of a video, then Intros are the effects created to start your videos. The Online Intro Maker of Invideo helps you create mesmerizing as well as professional looking introductions for your video to keep your audience curious and glued. The Invideo Intro maker is an user friendly tool that gives you a drag and drop facility clubbed with various features such as overlays, masks, stickers and much more.

Invideo Facebook Ad Templates

Craft striking Facebook Ads using Invideo’s Facebook templates that is powered by the Artificial Intelligence. Select the template that best suits your requirement from the huge gallery of Facebook Ad templates.

Invideo Invitation Maker

Make every event special by crafting invites using the Invitation Maker of Invideo. The narrations and voice over feature of the Invitation maker helps you add a personal touch to your invitations.

Invideo Video Maker

Home videos, short videos, slideshow-format videos are what you can create using the Video Maker option of Invideo. The Invideo library houses an amazing variety of stock images that you can choose from to create your mind blowing video within a short time.

Invideo Poster Maker

Fashion exquisite and eye-catching posters with the user friendly poster maker tool of Invideo. Tailor the poster according to the event or occasion and attract undoubted attention.

Invideo Promo Video Maker

Making a video especially to promote a brand requires a certain skill set and a great level of professionalism. The Promo video maker of Invideo gives you both these combinations that will help you promote and endorse your business with out of the world promotional videos, appealing graphics and excellent music score, that will stay in the audience minds forever.

Invideo Instagram Video Editor

Promoting your brand and business on Instagram is one of the most sought after marketing technique. Invideo gives you a wide range of customizable Instagram ad templates through the Invideo Instagram Video Editor that you can use to create amazement among your audience.

Invideo Ad Maker

Boost the energy around your product through the video advertisement option of Invideo Ad Maker. This flexible tool of Invideo gives you absolute control to craft and design out of the world advertisements clubbed with professionalism and brilliance.

Invideo Slideshow Maker

Create brilliant slides using the online slideshow maker of Invideo. The tool gives you the easiest way to pick and choose the templates to make your presentation. An amazing variety of choice of presentation templates is available for you to make any type of presentation. The most striking feature of Invideo Slideshow Maker is that you gain access to premium media library and the background image remover with round the clock support.

Invideo Youtube Intro Maker

The Youtube Intro Maker by Invideo gives you the freedom to create striking videos that grabs quick attention and without any watermark. You don’t need to be a pro at video creation or editing as this tool is very simple and user friendly just like the other tools of Invideo.

Invideo Meme Generator

The free meme generator of Invideo allows you to do all the meme activities such as image uploading, adding text to the photo etc. The memes created using Invideo can be posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and also on Youtube.

InVideo Tutorials

The Invideo tutorials are a unique way to learn how to use different tools of Invideo for various purposes. You can browse the tutorial using several topics such as Text, Images, Elements, Video and much more.

InVideo Features and Benefits

The features of Invideo are highly robust and are specifically engineered to meet all the demands and requirements of the customers. These features of Invideo are what make it unique, simple and extremely user friendly. They include:

InVideo Pricing Plans


Free Forever Plan

You can start off with a free plan in the beginning and then move towards monthly or annual subscriptions according to your requirements.

The free plan gives you:

Business plan

The Business plan is priced at $15/month and $180 annually. This plan is suitable for small businesses, teachers, social media influencers etc and it gives you

Unlimited plan

The Unlimited plan suitable for agencies and large teams is priced$30 monthly and billed $360 on an annual basis. With this plan you get:

Final Thoughts

The Invideo is wholesome software that gives you end to end tools to create videos for all possible reasons. Be it a youtube, event invitations, meme creators- you name it and they have got it for the most reasonable price ever. Continue to follow your passion and touch your success target in business using this unique Invideo Video Creation software.