Full Fledged Grammarly Review- Write the Right Way

Grammarly Review


Grammarly is a communication tool that helps anybody and everybody write with confidence. This tool assures to make your written script look legible, comprehensive and absolutely error-free.

Please do not misunderstand that the Grammarly tool is only for business writers or for professionals, and when we say anybody and everybody, we literally mean it. This Grammar Correction application can be used by anybody who is at a Beginner level when it comes to writing in the English language to Advanced users such as Authors, Bloggers, Academicians etc.

What does Grammarly do for you in a nutshell?

This Grammar Correction application revolves around elements such as:
– Correctness
– Clarity
– Engagement
– Delivery
– Plagiarism
On expanding the above Grammarly writing recommendations we get the following:
Correctness- The Correctness element mainly takes care of your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation, Consistency in Spelling and Punctuation and Fluency.
Clarity- The Clarity element looks after your Conciseness and Readability.
Engagement- the Engagement element is responsible for a strong, compelling vocabulary and lively sentence variety.
Delivery- The Delivery element points out your Tone Detection, Confident language, Politeness, Formality level, Inclusive language.
Plagiarism- Grammarly helps to create authentic work and also identifies plagiarism by comparing your writing to different pages across the web.


Why should you download Grammarly?

The Grammarly tool guarantees to give your writing the exact poise and confidence that it needs and assures to be a part of your writing language throughout. The Grammarly writing assistants ensures to support crisp and fault free writing while giving recommendations to support you at every step.
Grammarly focuses on using innovative methods to discover new platforms in the Language arena. And to boost this feature they conduct constant research in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide unsurpassed excellence in their product offerings. This has led Grammarly to achieve various recognized titles such as world’s most innovative AI companies.
Grammarly is simply an EAGER tool and this is why we vouch for it. The values adopted by Grammarly are Ethical, Adaptable, Gritty, Empathetic and Remarkable. You can see and feel these valuable attributes in every angle of their work and at every corner of their organization.
As mentioned above Grammarly always ensures to lend their helping hand to back you and support you at every step; And this is the reason why the Grammarly writing assistants function effortlessly across various stages and devices and has also designed several plans to suit everyone’s requirements. The free account plan of Grammarly will help you mend and enhance everyday writing whereas the Premium plan will take you one step ahead and help you refine your language and make it sound poised and presentable whenever required and wherever necessary. Further the working professionals can make use of the Grammarly Business plan to scale up in their career front and the educational institutions can access Grammarly at Grammarly@edu.

Where can we use Grammarly?

  • Grammarly for Windows
  • Grammarly for Mac
  • Grammarly for iOS
  • Grammarly for Android
  • Grammarly for MS Office

Grammarly for Windows

The Grammarly tool can be easily used through a Windows Application. You can proofread your writing by simply dragging the file into Grammarly Windows Application.Moreover you can remain updated with the latest versions through the Automatic Update System.

Grammarly for Mac

The Grammarly tool can be effectively used on an iMac and MacBook Pro to correct and proofread your writing compositions. 

Grammarly for iOS

The Grammarly application was updated for iOS in the year 2018. You can download this app on iOS devices running iOS  9.3 or newer, in iPhone and iPad Touch models.  You may follow the below steps to install the Grammarly app on your device

Step 1:Search for “Grammarly Keyboard” in your App store.

Step 2: If you are already a Grammarly account holder, then log into the account or you can Sign in as a new user.
Step 3:  Set Grammarly as your Keyboard option; tap the Add Grammarly Keyboard->Add new Keyboard->Grammarly and tap Grammarly once more.
Step 4: Activate the toggle “Allow Full Access” by switching it on.
Step 5: Your Grammarly Keyboard is set and ready for use
Please note that you need to give Grammarly Keyboard the permission to access the other applications on your phone. By doing so, the Grammarly Keyboard can check your writing across different applications.

Grammarly for Android

The Grammarly tool was launched for the Android devices in the year 2018 and you can download it for free on the Google Playstore. The Grammarly tool on Android supports swipe typing which is practically a new add on feature. Downloading the Grammarly App on your Android phone lets you write from your mobile device with confidence. You may follow the below steps to install Grammarly on your Android
Step 1- Search for “Grammarly Keyboard” on your Google Play Store search bar
Step 2- Download the app on your Android device. 
Step 3- If you are already a Grammarly Account holder you can Log in other wise Sign in as a new user. 
Step 4- Click on the “Enable in Settings” icon
Step 5- Switch on the Grammarly Keyboard
Step 6- Click “Switch Input Methods”
Step 7- Choose “Grammarly” keyboard
Step 8- Go to any app and click on any text field.

Grammarly for MS Office

The Grammarly tool for MS Office looks similar to what you see in MS Word. After you input your text, the Grammarly tool underlines the grammar mistakes just like the ones you see in MS Word.
The supported versions of MS Office by Grammarly are: MS Office 2007,2010,2013,2016 and 2019.
Additionally, the Grammarly add-in for MS Office allows you to write in MS Outlook which adds great power to your corporate emails and boosts the confidence level of the working professionals.  You just have to make sure that application rightly supports your operating system.


A Peek into the Grammarly company Formation

Founded in 2009 by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko and Dmytro Lider, Grammarly first concentrated on developing student’s grammar and spelling through a subscription based product. However they soon realized that this application prospects was going to take them further ahead and which is why they boosted its potentials to match everyone’s requirements from all platforms and circumstances. As years went by Grammarly enriched their capabilities, stretched their arms further ahead and crossed all possible boundaries to create breakthroughs in the complex aspects of language and communication. 

Grammarly Product Plans

The Grammarly tool divides itself into 3 prime plans:
– Free
– Premium
– Business

Free Plan

The Free plan takes care of simple grammatical errors and ensures that your basic writing is accurate. 

Premium Plan

The Premium plan not only corrects your writing, but also ensures that everything you write is comprehensive, legible and professional. The Premium plan is apt for Professionals, Academicians and of course for your Personal purposes as well.

Grammarly Premium Plan at your Work front

The Grammarly Premium Plan makes you ever ready to scale up your confidence levels at your workplace. This tool supports you thoroughly at all stages of your professional network, whether it is for your clients, for your higher-ups or for the social community. Any kind of writing at your workplace can be given that deserving edge with the Grammarly Premium plan.

Grammarly Premium Plan at your Personal Space

Do you want to enhance your personal projects and daily activities that govern your personal space? 
Well the Grammarly Premium Plan clearly fits the bill. Are you an author who is simply waiting to be discovered in the literary world or a budding blogger professional? If yes, then you should rightly choose the Grammarly Premium Plan to get started. This plan will keep you going and will not let you alter you direction at any point.

Grammarly Premium and Academics

Grammarly shares a very respectable connection with Academics. One can easily depend on the Grammarly Premium plan to finish their Academic projects or excel in Academic Researches and Exams.

The Grammarly Business Plan

The Grammarly Business plan guarantees to make your business compositions look professional, neat and crisp. In the current scenario where Emails and Written Messages have taken over the corporate world, a tool like Grammarly is quintessential to convey your messages with the right tone and dialect.
The main elements that play a key role in the Grammarly Business Plan are:
Correctness- Removes spelling and punctuation error and ensures accuracy.
Clarity- Makes every sentence comprehensive and legible.
Engagement- Identifies the right words and vocabulary to pep up your messages and written compositions.
Exact Tone- Inputs the right tone and formality level into your message.
To top it all, with the help of the Grammarly Business plan you can create a correction guide for your company to keep every employee communication up to date, clear and professional. 
The Grammarly Business plan users can also enjoy the benefits of Grammarly Premium plan along with the added features such as:
Security- Grammarly uses 256-bit AES for files at rest and SSL/TLS for in transit data. The tool complies with GDPR and the EU-US/Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework.
Integrations-Grammarly functions with the daily use tools like web browsers, email clients, MS Office tools and more.
Centralized Billing- Have a single subscription for your whole team and avoid the confusion of individual renewals.
Controls and Analytics-Effective management of your account and constant monitoring of the usage and performance statistics of your team.

Security Practices

The Security practices of Grammarly have the following attributes to safeguard your data and other information. 

Applications Infrastructure

The Grammarly servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States. The modules that process user data operate within Grammarly’s private network. 

Data Encryption

There are up-to-date encryption protocols in place to secure the connections between the client apps and the backend infrastructure.  All databases, data storage, and backups are encrypted at rest using AES-256.

Organizational and Information Security

A full-fledged annual privacy and security training has to be completed by the Grammarly employees, that covers topics based on data security, physical security, data and information security and incident reporting. Also the Grammarly employees must read and sign Grammarly’s Internal Data Security and Privacy Policy. 

Team Administration Security

The Grammarly Business team has the privilege to access the administration features that allow them to manage their teams and include capabilities to create, transfer or revoke access when required. 

Product Security

Role Management, Policies, Certificates, Encryption keys and secrets, Firewalls, Network Access lists, Log Collection and Monitoring are securely maintained in Grammarly. The Grammarly security and platform team conducts regular check-ins with every development team and constant review process is done through a version control system.  Grammarly ensures to fix their vulnerabilities promptly by automatically scanning their applications and libraries. 

Employee Practices

A single-sign-on system with 2-factor authentication is required by employees to access the Grammarly’s internal systems. The Employees access is constantly reviewed, as these systems hold access to crucial customer data. The access can be revoked for employees who no longer require it do their work. 

Customer Data Policy

The Privacy Policy of Grammarly clearly states that Grammarly does not sell or rent the user’s personal data for advertisement purposes.  The policies are well framed to prevent employees from accessing customer data that is stored or processed Grammarly’s systems. 


Grammarly complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss –U.S Privacy Shield Framework.  The Grammarly Privacy Policy contains the relevant details with regards to the Compliance Policies.

Third-Party Vendors

The Third-Party Vendors security practices are well examined before Grammarly associates with them. Grammarly ensures to erase all personal information from the third-party systems if it is no longer needed or if a user requests for the inactivation of the account.


Final Thoughts

In simple words Grammarly paves way for a clear and concise form of communication that can take you to unreachable heights within no time.  So  Think Less… Act Quick… Reach Out with Confidence!