Cylance Antivirus Review

Cylance Antivirus Review


An Antivirus Software can be simply defined as a set of software’s that are engineered to search, detect and eliminate viruses that can hamper the functioning of your computer. An Antivirus software should be constantly updated to deal with more than 60000 new pieces of viruses that attack daily.

Usually Antivirus software’s uses a standard working format wherein new viruses are captured and a final list of malwares are created according to the captured viruses. These final lists of malwares are made available for the users to download. This way you can protect your system from nil attacks and upcoming threats.

Cylance uses a different tactic to keep your systems safe from malware, hackers, viruses etc. Cylance uses complicated algorithms combined and innovative artificial intelligence that is user friendly and simple by nature. Unlike others this Antivirus software does not scan for threats; instead it stays on constant vigil to detect immediate threats that can be destroyed within a short time.

Cylance Antivirus Features


The proactive feature of Cylance takes care of the viruses before they attack your computer system. Cylance notes down the behavior of the programs and detects the impending threats even before they strike.

Extreme Protection

The Artificial Intelligence within Cylance stays one step ahead and protects the system from all the existing form of malware threats and also from those threats that has not yet been developed.

No Disturbance

The sole purpose of Cylance is to safeguard your systems from online threats without causing any unwanted disturbances like popup ads or alerts.

Lightweight Antivirus software

The complete background work of Cylance is safely stored in the cloud. So you do not have to worry at all about this antivirus software consuming space on your RAM or CPU. This feature will be a perfect value add for all the gamers.

Extensive Availability

Cylance is available for use on all major platforms with remote protection, cloud-based support and easy set up process.

Simple Installation Process

You do not have to follow any complicated roundabout process to install Cylance. Just download and install and get used to working with a supercomputer arrangement on your system.

Cylance is an interactive platform you can use to handle devices from one single point, change the settings and keep a tab on the files stored within it.

Distant Management

The distant management feature with cloud based support eases your work and gives you peace of mind. Also gain access to the stored list of all the devices to safeguard your family and your personal life.

Cylance Antivirus in Action- A Brief View

Cylance uses a high end artificial intelligence to ward off online threats and to tightly safeguard your computer systems. Here is a brief overview how Cylance functions to secure your systems:

Cylance Antivirus Pricing Plan

The Cylance subscriptions are available on an annual basis with a 1 year and 2 year subscription length.


1 year subscription

The 1 year subscription starts with $24.50 for installing Cylance on one device. You get a 30- day money back guarantee, free customer support and instant download option.  You can install Cylance on 5 devices on an annual basis with a billing amount of $34.50. Access the software on 10 devices with a one year subscription by paying an annual amount of $49.50.

2 year subscription

The 2 year subscription starts with $29.50 per 2 years for installing Cylance on one device. You get a 30-day money back guarantee, free customer support and Instant download option. For 5 devices you will be charged $49.50 per 2 years and for 10 devices you will be billed $69.50 for 2 years.

Final Thoughts

Cylance is engineered to give a disturbance free working environment by keeping away the threats that would not even touch your computer systems. The instant detection feature and the fast download option features makes Cylance one of the top most antivirus software’s in the market.