ClickFunnels Review- A Maestro in the Sales Funnel Arena

ClickFunnels Review


ClickFunnels is definitely not a new name among the entrepreneurs as they have already set their mark in the digital space. A huge showroom of Sales Funnel tools and elements is what ClickFunnels is all about. ClickFunnels is a unified system that offers several features to help people build webinars, landing pages, sales pages and more. You do not need to be an expert in the areas of Web Designing or Programming to access and use ClickFunnels. This ideally means that any newbie in the digital space can explore ClickFunnels without having the fear of making a mistake or a blunder.

ClickFunnels Tools and Products

Now setting up your funnel involves a great lot of tools and products from clickfunnel, however the steps to set up your funnels through Clickfunnels is super easy once you have these products in place.

ClickFunnels offers everything that an entrepreneur needs to establish his brand or business. You name it and they have got the right type of funnel to give you a strong support throughout your business journey. The three prime reasons as to why business owners opt for ClickFunnels are for:

Steps to create a Landing Page with ClickFunnels

With a landing page you can receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. A landing page is the first page you see when you click a link. Hence it is very important that your landing page looks extremely inviting and informative by all means. A landing page should be able to handle the online traffic effectively and also should be able to convert potential customers into definite and permanent customers.

Without much further ado, let’s go through the steps to create a brilliant landing page with ClickFunnels:

Step 1: Build a New Funnel


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Step 2: Select a Template


Step 3: Customize and Design your Landing Page


Landing Page- Advanced Settings

  • Integrations

    You can set your autoresponder integrations to coordinate with your new landing page. ClickFunnels gives you Actionetics which is an inbuilt autoresponder service.

  • SEO Data

    The SEO Metadata is used to update the search engine results, update qualitative information and descriptive professional details as per your business. Choose SEO Metadata from the settings menu to update your landing page settings for search engine optimization.

How can a Landing Page help your Business?

It is technology what actually runs a business now a days and it is imperative that a business requires a website and the help of the social network for a faster establishment. However, websites are just storage spaces for information. The actual players are the landing pages that support a business and here are the reasons why:

Lead Generation

Your Objective becomes the Focal Point

What are the features of a Good Landing Page?

A Gripping Headline and a Subtitle

A headline of a landing page is what actually attracts the visitors to your website and it should be:

Moreover the headline should be well supported by a pre-headline and a subtitle.

A solid story with a genuine purpose

The landing page of your website should have a solid story that is really good enough to lure the customer to accept your offer. Additionally, the content should be short and simple and should not move away from the main objective. End of the day, the visitor should be strongly and positively convinced about your product.
To create an authentic content for the landing page you can:

Catchy Video or Image

Input dynamic video content or images that will give ideas to your visitor. The images or the video factor should define the effectiveness of your product and business. For that you should:

Take Action

Encourage the visitor to take action. Once the visitor lands in your funnel, he should be able to find the appropriate tab to take action on his decisions, if not he will automatically leave your sales funnel. On the other hand if there is a call to action button, this will induce the visitor to proceed with the product purchase.

Social Backup

Include a social page such as Facebook, or customer’s testimonials on your landing page as a social backup. By doing so, you can gain customers interests and their attention.

The expanding digital world is creating the perfect opportunity to establish your business without a doubt. Use these simple steps to generate the perfect landing page for your website the will take your business to a whole new level altogether.