Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool Review


The Clever Gizmos is one of a kind Google Keyword Research tool that uses SEO software to locate long tail keywords and creates SEO-optimized website content.

This tool is launched by Clever Gizmos LLC, a software company that focuses on giving the best internet marketing tools. Apart from the Internet marketing tools, Clever Gizmos also gives few marketing applications such as Window Blocker, Shirt Visualizer and Clever Youtube Plugin. The company headquarter is located in Dana Point, California, USA.

What is a Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool?

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research tool gives you long tail keywords by automatically extracting the Google’s database and also automates the entire process. There are a whole lot of long tail keywords in Google that you can use to rank up your website on the search engine. The Clever Gizmos Keyword research tool helps you find the long tail keywords with a simple and easy process.

How does the Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool Work?

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool uses the filtering process to pull long tail keywords from google keyword planner in the CSV format and then filters the good keywords from the bad ones. The steps below will give you a snapshot of the process:

  • Step 1

    Find new keywords matching your product, service or business and extract the keyword CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner

  • Step 2

    ‘Blacklist’ the keywords you don’t need to a separate file instead of deleting them permanently.

  • Step 3

    Find the good keywords that matches your requirements using the search functions

  • Step 4

    Group your chosen keywords into separate categories for easy navigation and for quick finding.

  • Step 5

    Induce the chosen keywords into your articles by using the Highlighter icon in the Keyword Research Tool

  • Step 6

    Import the complete website articles right into your WordPress database through the Keyword Research Tool

With the above process you understand that the Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool has various functions apart from giving the perfect keywords for your website articles.

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Write Good Articles with the Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research tool comes with an inbuilt article writing tool that lets your frame a good article based on the keywords you have extracted. Moreover you can also categorize the articles based on the keywords and the Keyword Research tool will show where the keyword appears in your article.

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool and WordPress

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research tool allows you to directly move your website article to WordPress directly from the software space. This expedites the entire process and helps you save time with posting your article into the blog space.

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research Tool Pricing

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research tool is priced at $27 which is a one-time payment. This goes without saying that the tool is available at a very reasonable price when compared to the other similar products in the market.

clever gizmos keyword research tool pricing plan

Final Thoughts

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Research tool is in fact a very simple application that allows you to find the right keyword, write the best article and also helps you publish the article from one single platform and all this for a very cost effective rate.

The perfect tool for upcoming businesses, budding bloggers or writers or for anyone who wants to rank their website well on the search engine platform.