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Caspio Review


Find answers to these questions with Caspio- a user friendly and an undivided platform that enables you to build applications you need to fit your requirements accurately all within a highly protected and scalable cloud environment. Catering to over 12000 plus customers in 150 plus countries, Caspio prides over building software applications that does not require any specific coding expertise or experience.

Let’s scan around and dig in to find out more about Caspio, their features and benefits.

The major highlight of Caspio is that you do not have to rely on the traditional software development functions to complete your project tasks Caspio is one of the most protected and dependable data storage facilities for its users. Strongly supported by Microsoft SQL server, Caspio provides a trustworthy database for the users to upload their data and also make relevant changes with their available tools.


Caspio Features and Functionalities

Getting into further details of Caspio, let us find out more about the different functionalities of this multi-faceted online platform:

Visual Application Builder

Do not worry if you have no experience in coding or do not possess any development skills as you can create online database applications easily and confidently with Caspio.


Well,Caspio provides a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the development of every part of your application with simple and comprehensive instructions. This will define your space to complete your project at your own terms. The Caspio Visual Application Builder showcases the following characteristics

Interactive Reports and Data Publishing

Stuck in the middle of Spreadsheets and data and trying to find the right way to showcase it to the public? Well, the Interactive Reports and Data Publishing feature of Caspio will help convert your spreadsheets into rich, communicative, and crisp web reports that are duly qualified to be published online.

Moreover, these reports can be accessed from anywhere by the public or authorized users. The Interactive Reports and Data publishing displays the following components


Online Forms

Simplify your business process complexity with the custom database driven forms created by Caspio. These forms are highly resourceful, handy, filled with rich features and support all possible data and field types.

The Online Forms features the following elements

Built-in Cloud Database

Caspio offers the entire package required for creating and operating business applications from the core level. This means that Caspio also gives you the database facility that is ideally the foundation stone for building any kind of business application. The Caspio database technology is highly secured, powerful and completely dependable.

The different components of the Caspio database are


User Management

Caspio provides a built-in automation technology and flexible customization feature that enhances its user management abilities to a great extent. This user management ability of Caspio application is available to everyone irrespective of the number of people using the tool.

Following are the different facets of Caspio’s User Management features

Application Modules

The Application Modules of Caspio are characterized by the following components

Deployment Options

Caspio gives you a wide range of options to deploy the applications and there are no restrictions on the device or location where you can deploy the Caspio applications. The applications will function on any website, CMS portal or directly from Caspio itself.

The Deployment options of Caspio displays the following elements

Integration and Extendibility

Caspio’s association with many other services and internal systems extends the value of your database application to a whole new level. Caspio also has an inbuilt integration with many products and services and you also have the option to customize Caspio’s association with many highly recognized methods.

This feature of Caspio exhibits the following characteristics


Security and Reliability

The whole Infrastructure, Internal Policies and the Employee Training process strongly defines the Security and the Reliability feature of Caspio.

The different sides of this particular feature is

Standards and Compliance

The stringent industry standards and the compliance policies define the entire structure of

The Standards and Compliance feature are shown through the following components of Caspio


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Caspio Solutions for Various Industries

Caspio has designed solutions and services for a large number of industries beyond imagination. Some of the industries who are enjoying the strong and unerring solutions of Caspio are the

  • Healthcare Industry

    The Healthcare Industry depends on Caspio to develop a low profile platform to frame HIPAA compliant records without any coding experience or development skills.

  • Government Organizations

    Caspio tools and features are working hand in hand with the Government organizations to elevate them to a whole new world of Digital Transformation.

  • Energy Business

    Caspio is strongly working towards preparing the Energy business to face the hard hits of fuel and capital inefficiency.

  • Educational Institutions

    Caspio plays a major role in organizing and streamlining the operations and data management functions of many prestigious universities and educational institutions.

  • Consulting Firms

    The development application tool of Caspio ensures to aid and assist the Consulting firms to build strong relationships, provide first-hand solutions and help them focus on their high-value activities.

  • Media Business

    Caspio holds a strong rapport with the Media Business and help them reach out to a wider audience through digitally transformed information and other value driven engagement activities

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    The NGO’s use the different elements of Caspio to organize their funds and resources and to monitor and supervise their operations, finance and overall management

Caspio Support

Free Online Training

The Caspio Support functionalities are not simply confined to providing the clichéd customer support or just giving the much-needed solution to your problems or queries. In this matter, Caspio begs to differ from others by giving a full-fledged instructor-led training session to help you create your database application. These sessions are conducted multiple times per week and are open to everyone who would like to learn and experience the Caspio world. The sessions are held for one hour with time allotted for questions also. Also, there are no restrictions on the number of times you want to attend each session.

Online Help

The Caspio Online Help comes through Video Tutorials, Release Notes, Live Chat support and Skype support.

Additional Support Resources

The additional support resources of Caspio are the Professional Services, Community Forums, Blogs and Social Media support through platforms like Twitter etc.

Caspio Pricing Plan

  • Free Plan

    Free of Cost with limited features that cannot be customized

  • Explore Plan

    This Caspio plan is priced at $125/month on a monthly plan and $100/month on an Annual plan. The Explore plan helps you get started with Caspio.

  • Build Plan

    The Build Plan is priced at $250/month on a monthly plan and $200/month on an Yearly plan. This plan of Caspio provides you with features to help you build powerful and highly efficient applications.

  • Grow Plan

    The Grow Plan of Caspio is priced at $500/month on a monthly plan and $400 on an Annual plan. This plan of Caspio displays the advanced functionality feature that helps your business to scale up.

  • Corporate Plan

    The Corporate Plan pricing is available only on request. This plan will help you identify the enterprise capabilities and will help with the SLA performance levels of the company.

Final Thoughts

Caspio is a unique cloud based software tool that not only helps you develop database applications, but also empowers you with the passion and interest to learn more about Deploying, Operating and Maintaining the database applications. The different tools and features of Caspio ensures to give a whole new meaning to your business and definitely assures to boost your knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of Software and Cloud based applications.

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