A Complete SEMrush Review - The Inevitable Tool for Internet Marketing and Research

SEMrush Review


The Two words that are currently governing the Internet World are Online Marketing and Research.

These tools have created a niche in the marketing world and are growing by every minute. Internet or online marketing is the most inexpensive way to reach your target market regardless of the business size. Online marketing is a vast ocean that encompasses a wide range of marketing tactics, tools and strategies to help a budding or an established entrepreneur to reach their target point.

semrush review

What is SEMrush all about and where did it all start?

In simple words SEMRush is an Internet Research and Marketing tool that engulfs a wide range of Analytical Reports, Marketing Research Tools and solutions. This write up will take you through the various products and services that SEMRush offers and will give a deep insight into the world of online marketing and research.

Initially SEMRush was framed for the execution of the company’s marketing campaigns. Since then they have been continuously in the pursuit of learning and developing new things. During this course of time they also decided to share their valuable experience with the outside world and that is how SEMRush was officially launched in the year 2008.

Since their launch, SEMRush has been on the path of constant research to develop maximum set of tools for professionals in all possible areas of online marketing. Also they have enhanced their adaptability feature to suit the needs and requirements of the Internet marketers.

The SEMRush Tool and Report kit is a one stop shop for marketers that work in services like SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing Insights and Campaign Management.

SEMrush Tools and Reports Kit

SEMrush has a wide range of Internet Marketing tools and Analytical Reports pack designed mainly for content, advertising, competitive research, reporting and social media management. Through this one can effectively bring about excellent results in the online visibility of their product or service. Moreover you can also make use of the Project tools and instructions to generate essential reports required for online marketing.

SEO Toolkit

The SEO Toolkit encompasses a huge set of tools and reports to back you up in every step of your website SEO. With the SEO toolkit you can access the backlink management tool, rank stacking, on-page SEO analysis and the technical SEO audit tool. The five areas of SEO Toolkit is

Competitive Research Toolkit

This plan gives you a clear idea about the marketing studies conducted by your competitors and you can do a complete research analysis based on the decisions and actions taken by your competitors. You can have a bird’s eye view of your competitors or partners performance. It also exposes their marketing strategies from every direction.

The components of Competitive Research Toolkit are:

Domain Overview- Domain Overview exhibits a wide array of overview metrics about a domain’s reflection online so that you can derive a big picture of a websites online presence.

Traffic Analytics- the Traffic Analytics tool is that provides assessments of any websites desktop and mobile traffic status. In simple words the tool will allow you to see the complete working of a website’s traffic like where the traffic comes from, audience engagement with the website and an overview of the devices that visitors prefer to use. The Traffic Analytics tool is one of the most important tools especially for market researchers, marketing managers, business development teams and sales teams.

traffic analytics

Organic Research- the Organic Research reports will give you a complete report of the organic search competitors and the path of their website traffic.

Keyword Gap- the Keyword Gap tool gives you a complete comparative analysis of the keyword profiles. Just enter the domain and choose the keyword rankings and the report will give you a complete report of major prospects for each website, common keywords and more.

Backlink Gap- the Backlink gap allows you to compare the backlink profiles of up to five competing websites. Fill in the domain details and the SEMrush tool will automatically list all the referring domains that are sending link to these sites. The filtering technique of the tool will help you identify your competitor’s websites. This function will help the SEO to strategize and devise their own plans to build the links.

backlink Gap

Keyword Research Toolkit

The Keyword Research Toolkit primarily revolves around the dialect or the language search for your market and also helps to identify the opportunities that your competitors are missing. SEMRush has a wide range of keyword database that you can choose for your respective website.

The elements of the Keyword Research Toolkit are:

Keyword Overview- The Keyword Overview report will help you to look up any keyword in the SEMrush database. Once you input your word or phrase in the search bar, you will be introduced to keyword’s search volume, results, CPC, Competition level, trend in volumes and more.


Keyword Magic Tool- the Keyword Magic Tool is basically a keyword research tool on SEMRush. The user can access a huge database with over 17 billion keywords to start from. Input a single word or phrase into the search bar and you will receive a result table with the connected search terms. The Keyword Magic tool is a perfect instrument for creating a master list for keywords that will definitely be a strong backup for your digital marketing efforts.


Keyword Manager- the Keyword Manager (available for paid subscriptions only) gives a deeper insight into about 1000 keywords at a time. You can refresh the tool to check if the keywords list of the competitors has changed since the SEMRush’s last update.


Organic Traffic Insights- With this instrument you can combine your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush data all into a single platform. Broadly the Organic Traffic Insights gives you the exact analytical report of your website’s organic search performance.


Link Building

The Link Building gathers a prospective list of link building opportunities for your respective domain and gives you a management edge to run an outreach campaign to potentially acquire links. It also helps you analyze your SEO competitors and operate an outreach campaign at the same time.

The components of the Link Building Tool are :

Backlink Analytics – The Backlink Analytics allows you to do a detailed study of the backlink profiles of both yours as well as of your competitors and also conduct a comparative analysis of the multiple domains side by side.


Backlink Audit- the Backlink Audit examines your domain’s backlink profile so that you can effectively avoid Google Penalties related to toxic backlinks. The tool practically conducts an audit of all your links, analyzes the toxic signals related to any suspicious links, emails the website owners and finally creates a rejection file to send to Google.


Bulk Backlink Analysis- This report is an effective tool used to prospect the link building opportunities. Input up to 200 URLs into the box at top of the report and the table will generate with the number of backlinks and referring domain points to each URL.


Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking report allows you to track your website’s daily ranking for a particular set of keywords. You can fix your target to check any specific geographical area and any type of device like mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The tool exhibits lots of features like tagging, sorting, filtering and exporting reports that aids the marketers to find exactly what they are looking for in their website’s SEO or PPC performance.

The Rank tracking components comprises of :

Sensor- the SEMRush Sensor checks the stability status of Google’s SERPs based on daily ranking changes and monitors any signals that could indicate an update to Google’s algorithm. By using this tool you can keep a constant watch on the industries that you operate in and find if they are more or less subject to change when compared to the rest of Google’s search results.


Ranks- SEMRush’s Rank tool is an exclusive ranking of the domains on the internet with the highest organic visibility based on the estimated monthly traffic they are getting from the organic search. The SEMRush database throws monthly data to validate the rankings and this can be taken for any regional databases.

On Page and Tech SEO

The on Page SEO checker provides you with the list of ideas to develop the ranks of pages on the website. You can access the on-page SEO ideas, related words for your pages and backlink prospects.

The On Page and Tech SEO comprises of the following elements:

Site Audit- the Site Audit tool of SEMRush will identify the prime pain points and the areas where the website is struggling. This website crawler tool allows you to measure the health of the website and will generate the list of issues so that you can fix them to boost the performance of the website.


SEO Content Template- the SEO Content Template aids the content writers to design and craft SEO friendly content by providing a template of favourable and usable recommendations depending on the target keywords. After entering a keyword or group of keywords a template will be generated. This particular template comes with the suggested text length; inter related keywords, prospective backlink targets and more.

seo Content Template

Log File Analyzer- the Log File Analyzer gives a detailed report on how GoogleBot crawls your website. This data helps SEO’s track technical problems and optimize a crawl budget.

Listing Management- This tool is mainly used by the local SEO to distribute their business information automatically to the most important directories and even make it voice search ready.

Management Toolkit

The Management Toolkit is a solution hub that will help you manage your marketing campaigns, get notified on all the events that influence your rankings, make your own notes and report your performance in a professional manner.

The Management Toolkit includes:

My Reports- This tool helps you generate pdf reports from the basic level and helps you communicate the website audit results, exhibit a competitive analysis or show the result of a marketing campaign. It also connects modules from dozens of SEMrush tools, GoogleAnalytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and also from any kind of screenshots or images to make the perfect report for your business.

my reports

Projects- the SEMRush project enables you to set up 12 different tools that will examine and analyze all angles of your business’s online visibility. In addition to it, you can also track the progress with email reports and graphs in each project tool.


Lead Generation Tool- the Lead Generation Tool provides you with a custom widget that you can place on your website to collect email addresses from the visitors and in exchange you can give them a sample website audit which is a 25 page audit made using the SEMRush’s Site Audit Tool.

Oppty- Access a list of capable and competent lead businesses that requires online marketing depending on their location and SEMrush data.

Marketing Calendar- This tool gives you a comprehensive overview of your complete marketing for your team and for your clients. This collectively helps you Plan and Align your marketing campaigns and related functions, Communicate and Collaborate with your team members, Evaluate the campaigns performance with Google Analytics Integration.


Notes- One can highlight the dates in the graphs and charts in certain SEMrush tools and reports with important information. Users can also add and edit the notes and SEMrush automatically add notes on days with major Google updates and SEMrush data updates that can affect the rankings.

SEMrush Pricing


SEMrush offers 3 pricing plans and is billed both Monthly and Annually.

The Monthly Billing Pricing Plans are:

Pro: $119.95 per month

Guru- $229.95 per month

Business- $449.95 per month

The Annual Billing Pricing Plans are:

Pro: $99.95 per month

Guru- $191.62 per month

Business- $374.95 per month

SEMrush offers a 7 day free trial plan which is applicable for the standard version; however you can extend the free trial for 14 days for a limited time. The SEMrush pricing plans are very flexible in nature and offer you ways to change your subscription from monthly to annual. The subscription plan can be changed from the Prices Page, from the Subscription info and also via phone call or email.

Final Thoughts

SEMrush can be literally considered as a supermarket for all your Online Marketing and Research tools.

Be it finding the right Keywords for your website, assessing and analyzing your competitors marketing strategy, Gap Analysis with your competitors and finally choosing the right tool to upscale your business in the digital space, SEMRush is the right solution.

SEMRush has ensured to create a widespread dais by collecting large amounts of data to offer first rate solutions to the Internet Marketing professionals. This particular trait has pulled them to the number one position among the search engine optimization tools.

Discover that missing Quality in your Business and Success by using the High Quality Products and Services of SEMRush!

You can make use of the free trial plan and get to know SEMrush in a full-fledged manner.

Hope you liked our SEMRush Review. Do provide us your genuine feedback on this SEMRush Review Post.